Prime Janitorial Service Corporation

"We are the excellence on cleaning and maintenance"
About Us

Prime Janitorial Service Corporation is an Organization committed to apply the best and complete services in the Maintenance Industry.

Our headquarters are located in 2673 Las Americas Avenue Ponce,  Puerto Rico.
We have fifteen (15) years of experience in the industry.

Our operational system is directed to the development of attitudes, techniques and cleaning procedures that takes personnel to realize a work of excellence, maintain cleaning standard and to develop interest to promote and improve the conservation of its own.

Our mission:
To provide and maintain the highest standards of excellence and quality in advanced cleaning methods on facilities dedicated to: manufacture, banking, commerce, health services, tourism, education and goverment offices.

Our vision:
Reach the cleaning industry leadership in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (787) 840-3942